Facial Abuse Claire Dames

The Claire Dames Facial Abuse Porn Video

What a story for we have for this one! Claire Dames is a fairly popular chick on the whore circuit, so we got wind that she was feature dancing at the Bada Bing. Being that Bootleg lost a heated game of Paper, Rock, Scissors, Bootleg made the trip out there to coax this little minx into shooting with us. He walked in there and used his charm to persuade her to shoot a scene for Facial Abuse. She obliged, and then the experience began.

While driving to the Facial Abuse studio, Bootleg's POS (piece of shit) car broke down. Being as Claire is a responsible whore, she had a time limit of 2 hours to shoot the scene and be back at the club shaking her ass for dollar bills. The POS cooled after Bootleg added some water (pee) to the radiator and the quickly got to the studio.

Now that Claire Dames and Bootleg finally arrived, the fun begun. There wasn't much chit chat before she was on her knees getting bopped in the throat with hard cocks. Bootleg and Big Red went to town with the face fucking. She went left, she went right and then she went on her back. Some upside down facefucking took place. She puked up her lunch several times and she let it ooze down her face with very minimal grimmacing. She was on a mission to survive this Facial Abuse scene without tapping out and she was on her way.

After the guys slammed her throat and the dry heaving occured, they knew it was time to bring it to her pussy. They lined up and ran a hardcore train as she squealed with painful pleasure. Her gspot was being stimulated but the stopped before she could enjoy any of this. Claire Dames was then sat on the ground and she took seevral sticky loads of cum to her freshly abused face. Before they shipped her back to the club, a fresh handful of baby powder was slapped across her slutty face, and her humiliation was sealed.


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